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Damn tough!

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What my (awesome) newsletter subscribers say...

I’ve signed up for quite a few writers’ newsletters but yours, Lilani, is the one I look forward to receiving and actually read because it’s full of genuinely useful info. It’s like you’ve plucked out of my brain the advice I most need at that moment and then answered all my questions!
I love, and use, Lilani’s regular free advice via her newsletter on all things from how to use Instagram to getting a virtual assistant.
I like the way the info is structured so it gives the basics but there’s always some gems in there that have dropped off my radar or I haven’t heard about yet. And boy do I consume a lot of content about marketing!

Margaret Paton, Freelance Writer

Thank goodness I found you! Your posts have been so helpful as a new business owner, and as a reasonably novice website and business builder!

Very practical, easy to follow, understand and use information. Every email I have had to get my notebook out to write down a few tips to go back and use when I get to that bit on my website build.

Sonja Balzarolo, Creative Business Mentoring